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Symmetry, precision, explicit elegance with a distinctive handcrafted modern design

Degree Seven eyewear is handcrafted with a focus on SEVEN technological innovations that make each pair one of a kind. Our seven degrees will provide you with upmost functionality and comfort, allowing our sunglasses to become a permanent component of your life.


Shaping, piecing, and painting by hand allows us to obtain one-of-a kind perfection in our design. At each phase of production, inspections are performed regularly. Each pair of sunglasses goes through an intricate 68-step process before it is complete. Precise tests are always performed to check resistance to bending, weight, and shock.


  The frame of our sunglasses is shaped from a composite of surgical stainless steel and titanium. This frame technology was developed by a team of European scientists who developed breakthrough technology of fusing surgical stainless steel with titanium for use in spacecraft. The resulting material was extremely light, durable and flexible.


World-class, highest quality titanium and premium grade surgical stainless steel combine to form the strongest metal for its weight, making our sunglasses virtually indestructible. Tests have shown that the frame can withstand a weight of 90 pounds. Our frames are also corrosion resistant.


Since the frames are made from a hybrid of the highest quality titanium and stainless surgical steel, they are the safest metal for your skin. We purchase all our metal directly from selected, trustworthy Italian manufacturers that certify the use of 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic material.


Our sunglasses are designed to be worn with ultimate comfort. Our silicone nose pads exploit the uniquely soft properties of silicone in order to provide a comfort level unattainable by any other nose pad material. Our nose pads are designed to be flexible and adjustable to your nose shape. A larger surface contact area translates into a better weight distribution of our sunglasses, which results in a lighter feeling as well as diminished irritation and discomfort.


Our CR39 lenses are made of a common optical hard resin, making them scratch resistant, lighter, and more impact resistant. Our CR39 lenses provide ultimate UVA/UVB protection. All our lenses are manufactured in Germany by one of the oldest existing lens manufacturers in the world. With over 150 year of advanced research in lens technology, our manufacturer’s sophistication has greatly influenced the design of surgical microscopes and lenses used in telescopes for space exploration.


Our flexible hinges use innovative inclination hinge technology, which allows for a multidirectional freedom of movement of the arms. The arms of the sunglasses can drastically change angles, and as a result, the sunglasses fit many face shapes and provide unrivaled comfort. Degree Seven hinges are mechanically opened and closed a total of 300,000 times to ensure their stability and precision.