Degree Seven
Degree Seven is a family-owned, innovative designer eyewear brand based in  Arizona, USA. We cherish excellent quality and contemporary design. Our production uses traditional techniques and premium materials found in the highest-quality handmade sunglasses. 

Our team focuses on merging the border between art and technology. We like to create minimalistic, modern sunglasses with a touch of flare, but we also strive to astound you through their technological design and detail-oriented form.

Our goal is to provide you with sunglasses that combine comfort, weightlessness, strength, fashion, and the ultimate protection. We are driven by conversations and contact with our customers. We are always here to talk to you or be inspired by you. In our opinion, a pair of sunglasses becomes truly perfect not when it is assembled, but when you put it on and make it a part of your daily life.

At Degree Seven, being environmentally responsible is a part of our daily lives and our business. There are no chemical substances released into the environment with the production of our sunglasses, and we recycle all unused materials. We are proud to say that Degree Seven is a sustainable brand. 


What we believe can be best summed up with a feeling.

When we present you with a pair of Degree Seven sunglasses, we want you to have that same feeling you get when you’re wearing your favorite tailored suit, driving a well engineered car, or sipping the finest wine.

The feeling you get when you are comfortable with who you are, and how you go about enjoying your life.

We believe everyone deserves a luxurious and high quality pair of sunglasses to accompany them through their life adventures.

Our customers satisfaction is what drives our creativity!

We cannot wait for you to feel the difference of Degree Seven.