Degree Seven

At Degree Seven, there’s no limit to our ingenuity, and rather than borrowing from the past, we’re looking forward to the future. Our eyewear embodies a design inspired by modern architecture and is crafted from the world’s best materials. Blending forward-thinking design with a revolutionary screw-less hinge puts it in a class of its own.


Our team focuses on merging the border between art and technology. We like to create minimalistic, modern eyewear with a touch of flare, but we also strive to astound you through their technological design and detail-oriented form.

Our goal is to provide you with timeless eyewear that combine comfort, weightlessness, strength, fashion, and the ultimate protection. We are driven by conversations and contact with our customers. We are always here to talk to you or be inspired by you. In our opinion, a pair of glasses becomes truly perfect not when it is assembled, but when you put it on and make it a part of your daily life.