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So you’re in dire need of a new pair of sunglasses. Sure, you could go to the local department store and pick any old pair off the rack, but should you?

The difference between a pair of basic department store sunglasses and a pair of Degree Seven sunglasses may be subtle when placed side-by-side, but these same differences get more and more pronounced over time. The difference is that youbuya normal pair of sunglasses, but youinvestin a pair of Degree Seven sunglasses. And this is one investment that will keep paying dividends for quite some time.

Degree Seven Technology

The first thing to note about Degree Seven sunglasses is that they use the very latest and greatest in lens and frame technology. The CR39 lens that comes with every pair of Degree Sevens are sourced from Germany and are built to last, being scratch and impact resistant, all the while remaining extremely light. This material provides the greatest UVA/UVB protection available.

The frames are constructed with a titanium hybrid, which combines the highest quality titanium available with a surgical-grade stainless steel to create the strongest pound-for-pound metal ever used in eyewear. Degree Seven frames are virtuallyindestructible. They are also hypo-allergenic and corrosion resistant.

Degree Seven Quality

The raw materials are sourced from selected European distributors – the lenses from a leading German manufacturer with over 150 years of lens engineering experience, the hybrid titanium for the frames from only the most reputable Italian producers. But what Degree Seven does with these raw materials is what sets them apart.

Every single piece of Degree Seven eyewear is painstakingly handcrafted, using a 68-step process that involves shaping, piercing and hand painting. All the while, tests are performed to ensure every piece of eyewear Degree Seven produces is up to their exacting standards. The result is a pair of sunglasses of unmatched handcrafted perfection.

Degree Seven Style

Finally, Degree Seven ensures that all of this technology and quality doesn’t get in the way of style. With a range of timeless designs that tread that ever-elusive path between contemporary and classic, your Degree Seven sunglasses will stay in fashion for years to come. A range of styles for both men and women come in a wide variety of lens and frame combinations, allowing you to choose the exact look that best suits you.

Are you looking to buy a pair of sunglasses, orinvestin quality eyewear? If you answered the latter, look no further than Degree Seven.


Michael Catford

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