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Are you currently searching for a summer getaway? The US is blessed with a wealth of summer travel options, many of which you may have never even considered. Here are 10 of the best places to spend your summer.

Tucson, Arizona

‘But Arizona is 100 degrees in summer!’, I hear you yell.Hear me out. Hiking around Mt. Lemmon, near Tucson, you’ll never imagine that you’re trudging through the Arizona heat. The 9,000’ elevation means that temperatures are often 30 degrees cooler than the rest of Arizona, and the scenery isto die for.

Ithaca, New York

New York’s Finger Lake region comes alive over summer. The college town of Ithica is the perfect base for all manner of nature-loving activities, with gorge hikes, canoeing and sailing all popular. And lovers of farmers’ markets will bein heaven.

The Oregon Coast, Oregon

The stunning beaches of the Oregon Coast provide the perfect antidote to the often steamy Oregon summer. The town of Tillamook, two hours west of Portland, is a great place to start, as it is surrounded by old growth forests that protect amazing views of the Pacific (for those brave enough to explore).

Northern Vermont

While it’s easy to label Northern Vermont a winter playground, its cool summer shouldn’t be overlooked. The mountains switch effortlessly from powdery white to leafy green, and offer magnificent hiking and mountain-biking opportunities. Or perhaps an adrenaline-pumping zipline tour would be more your fancy!

Wellfleet, Massachusetts

While Cape Cod has forever been on America’s summer destination list, the slightly lower key option of Wellfleet is quickly gaining ground as the preferred Massachusetts destination. It’s comparatively calm waters allow for unrestrained water sports, and it is proving a haven for all manner of artists, with a gallery scene that is booming.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Montana has a short summer, but if you time it right, you’ll be in for the trip of a lifetime. Glacier National Park is often closed over winter, but in summer it comes alive with nature, instunningfashion. Just don’t forget the thermals!

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Wanting a beach town that isn’t going to be overrun by tourists? Rehoboth Beach in Delaware may be the answer. It has food, scenery and recreation that competes withanyAtlantic coast destination, but without the hustle and bustle of a tourist town!

Boulder, Colorado

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Colorado destination, and you can’t do much better than the majestic township of Boulder. A perfect combination of cosmopolitan and wilderness, there’s something for everyone in Boulder. Check out Bald Mountain, Eldorado Canyon, or the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Big Sur, California

Big Sur is definitely a case of ‘it’s about the journey, not just the destination’. The scenery on California One isstunning, with the rugged and rocky coastline hiding small, hard-to-find beaches. Once youdofind them, however, you’ll swear that you’re heaven.

The Maine Highlands/Baxter State Park, Maine

The Maine Highlands are another area that is best attacked in its short warmer period, when its delights are unfrozen. If the breathtaking vistas of Baxter State Park aren’t enough for you, you can always go for an afternoon of moose spotting from the back of a steamship on Moosewood Lake.

The summer getaway options in this amazing country are seemingly endless, and they’re not going to visit themselves. So what are you waiting for? Get going this summer!


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