April 27, 2016 1 min read

The choice of using surgical stainless steel and titanium in the making of Degree Seven sunglasses was not only influenced by the metal’s light weight but also its sustainability. Since both metals are very durable and corrosion resistant they ensure that the sunglasses will have a long usable life. Most importantly, the use of these metals does not release any toxins into the environment which is of upmost importance to us. Surgical stainless steel and titanium are recycled and can easily be reused to make more product.

Degree Seven sunglasses encompass a thorough handmade process which allows Degree Seven to be very energy efficient. We source these raw materials from Italy or Sweden with a certification of authenticity and hypoallergenic properties.

An important aspect of making Degree Seven more sustainable was not only the concern for the planet but for the employees working in the company. Therefore, using surgical stainless steel and titanium allowed us to make certain that each employee is working with a safe, hypoallergenic material. Titanium and surgical stainless steel are even used in the medical industry in hip and joint replacements.

We formed a team that values the importance of sustainability. The reason our collection of sunglasses are Pyrite, Opal and Onyx is after minerals we love most. The earth’s beauty inspires us and we wanted that to be depicted on every level of Degree Seven!

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